Welcome to Sky Voyage, the Aviation Industries Preferred Advanced Training Partner


To most people the sky is the limit, to those who love aviation, the sky is home.


Flight Training

Aviation is a love story that can only be lived through the eyes of an aviator.


Regardless of the naysayers who secretly wish to follow a career amongst the clouds, once you have experienced that first moment of flight you will always be caught looking up to the sky.

As with anything, ongoing training is critical to your success as a pilot and that is where Sky Voyage will walk alongside you, every step of the way, offering a solution to any and all requirements.

Soft courses 

Soft Courses cover all the ground school courses that are needed to complete a Type Rating, Recurrence Training and all new skills, completed in a classroom

No aviation training is actually valuable or complete without the execution of the practical elements and soft courses to round off all training. 


Sky Voyage courses are designed and approved by SACAA and exceeds international standards.  We continuously improve and research our course material and training techniques to deliver superior quality of training to you.

Meet the Team

Sky Voyage has a dynamic, highly skilled and passionate team of aviators that follow their own path in making your training experience individualised, tailored and challenging while at all times enjoyable and we cannot wait to meet to plan your aviation future.
About Sky Voyage 

When my dream started...

Sky Voyage ricky start career.JPG

The Sky Voyage dream took shape 7 years ago as an idea born in a coffee shop between myself and my partner whilst very excited and enthusiastically mapping out our business plan on a paper napkin! 

Never did I think life's journey would separate us but that meant I was able to believe and continue with my dream and as I kept going, taking chances, often falling hard but always getting up, I remained loyal to my dream of seeing Sky Voyage in the "air" one day.

I dreamed about finding a place in this industry so I just kept moving, because there is always a chance you will stumble onto something when you least expect it.  I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something while sitting down... so here we are today.  Looking back over many years, lots of tears many trial and errors but never giving up.  "So they say the most dangerous poison in life is the feeling of achievement.  The antidote to that is to every evening think what can be done better tomorrow." This is where I find myself, being able to have this special company that took 7 years of my life before it saw the light. So never give up on your dreams, because someone else my just hire you to build theirs!

I am truly blessed and privilege being associated with and work with some of aviation's great leaders and legends shaped by this industry over many years and that makes me extremely proud to be part of this dynamic team. 

The team and I want to share everything we have to give back so you can build and achieve your own dreams in aviation for many years to come.  

Ricky Smit CEO and Founder